Bogna Sroka-Mucha

was born in Jarosław, Poland in 20 July 1979
Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, faculty of graphic design.
She is the author of scripts and a person responsible for artistic side of series of animated films
„Czapu Czipu” – 26 episodes (she cooperates with the foundation AnimaArt)
She mainly occupies herself with illustrating books and magazines.
Her works have been published in nationwide magazines such as „Traveler – National Geographic”, „Newsweek”, „Forum”, „Elle”,
„Kaleidoscope” and „Inspire”.She has already published book for children entitled „Team day/Team night”published by
Adamada publishing house and book „Smuggling” published by „Muchomor” publishing house.
On a daily basis, she works as an illustration teacher at Pedagogical University of Cracow.